Education Fair Use Policy

Generally, placing a copyrighted song on a publicly available server is a violation of United State Copyright Law. However, as a student with a clear educational motive, I invoke the doctrine of US Copyright Law known as “Fair Use”. This website began life as an educational project and continues serving that purpose today. I use it as a tool to distribute my Resume and to inform visitors about myself and my qualifications as well as a learning tool to improve my website creation skills. Below is a layman’s interpretation of the Fair Use Doctrine as I see its application for this purpose. For more information, please visit:

Student use of Copyrighted Material

Students may perform and display their own educational multimedia projects created under Section 2 of these guidelines for educational uses in the course for which they were created and may use them in their own portfolios as examples of their academic work for later personal uses such as job and graduate school interviews. [Source:]

If you feel my use of your copyrighted material is in violation of the Fair Use Policy, please contact me at NGH888@GMAIL.COM and I will immediately remove the content. Thank you.